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At Captain Steve’s we see so many amazing things that we are overflowing with amazing videos. Feel free to check out our Facebook page to see more, or to upload your own from our trip. Enjoy!

Tis the end of whale season 2017! Mahalo to all of our wonderful repeat offendors!

Enjoy this mother and calf swim by from our last whale watch of the 2017 season.

Head lunging action from our 4-13-17 7:30 whale watch.

Enjoy this humpbacks from our 4-10-17 9:45 whale watch.

Enjoy this spinner dolphin action from 4-7-17.

Enjoy this underwater and topside footage of our friendly whale from Friday, 3-31-17’s 9:45 whale watch. We had watched this whale spy hopping at the end of our 7:30 trip so we went in search of it on our next trip. We found the area and the whale announced its presence with a full breach next to the raft! Then it came over and visited. It has a large area of white scarring on its right side of its rostrum (nose).

There’s a whole lot of action here! Mother, calf and slap happy escort! From our 3-13-17 2:30 whale watch.

Enjoy this very loud singer from our 3-6-17 2:30 whale watch! Turn the sound up!

Check out this breach from above and below! From our 2-16-17 12:15 Whale Watch

These two whales mugged us! The one whale kept rolling over next to us! From our 2-9-17 7:30 Whale Watch

We started watching these female in a competition pod with four escorts. By the end, she was by herself as she played with our raft for over an hour! What a sweetheart of a mugging! From our 2-9-17 7:30 Whale Watch

These two whales gave us quite the thrill! From 2-2-17’s 9:45 Whale Watch.

Turn up your sound for this video. We had a surprise singer on our footage of our close encounter from 2-2-17’s 12:15 Whale Watch. The singing is fantastic and we have underwater and topside footage of our close encounter!

Now this is some tail throwing action! From 1-27-17

This female pec slapped her way over to us and then gave us a viewing under the water! From 1-27-17

This is just a lot of tail slapping fun! from 1-20-17

Enjoy this “mugging” from our 1-19-17 7:30 whale watch.

On our 1-16-17 12:15 trip, we had a spy hopper!

On our 12:15 whale watch on 12-26-16, we had a very friendly whale interact with our raft and one other boat. It would go from one boat to the other and pec slap in front of it, spy hop and breach! This whale was most definitely showing off for us! Who is watching who?

Our first baby whale sighting of the 2016-2017 season had the baby come right over to the raft!

We had close tail slapping on our 12-22-16 whale watch!

Our last whale watch of the 2016 season had active whales, leaping bottlenose dolphins, and spinner dolphins!

Mother, calf and escort encounter

Unexpected loud singer during an encounter with three whales, including spy hopping and rainblows!

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.

Mothers and calves.

Enjoy this mother whale who is tail slappy happy!

This is a fantastic competition pod!

This is one fantastic hour long mugging from 1-15-16!

Enjoy one of our first “muggings” of the season from 1-11-16!

See the pelagic manta rays that came by on our whale watch!

Enjoy this 2015 Whale Season “Best of” Photo slideshow!

This video shows what kind of sea life you might see on one of our snorkel trips.

2015 End of Whale Season Mahalo to our repeat guests!

2-27-15 Whale Watch with rough toothed dolphins

2-23-15 945 Whale Watch including a mugging

2-19-15 2:30 Whale Watch with lots of action!

2-12-15 7:30 Whale Watch with a mother/calf mugging

1-27-15 Whale Watch

Underwater Whale Montage from February, 2014

2-21-14 Whale Watch

12-1-14 Whale Watch

11-20-14 Lana’i Snorkel

This video shows what a typical Lana’i snorkel trip is like.

3-5-14 Whale Watch

2-21-14 Whale Watch

2-9-14 EPIC 9:45 Whale Watch with mugging by two adult whales

2-9-14 7:30 Whale Watch with mother/calf mugging

2-9-14 Close spy hop

2-9-14 Really close spy hop

2-9-14 Double spy hop