Deluxe Dolphin Lana’i Snorkel Adventure 808-667-5565


7:45 to 1:45-2:00’ish

Available year-round, two snorkel stops typically

(includes Whale Watching from December to April)

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 This snorkel trip has stood the test of time and has been taken by literally thousands of guests, many of whom continue to return year after year. Captain Steve has been conducting this adventure for over three decades. Waste no time in discovering the secrets of the reef and playing with dolphins, whales, turtles, and rays. There is no telling what we might encounter on any given day! We head across the channel to the island of Lana’i (weather and wind permitting of course) where towering sea cliffs, sea caves, secluded coves, and lava rock pinnacles make up the setting. Imagine a pod of 200-300 spinner dolphins putting on a show just for you or swimming next to an endangered green sea turtle in the crystal waters of the Pacific above the most exquisite fringing reef in the entire State of Hawaii. Perhaps you will catch a glimpse of the most curious creature on the reef, an octopus, or an endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal! Manta rays, spotted eagle rays, pseudorcas (false killer whales), spotted dolphins, and bottlenose dolphins are all possible on any snorkel trip!

Adults $179.99 ($198.25 incl taxes/fees)

Child (5-12 yrs) $139.99 ($155.38 incl taxes/fees)

What’s Included on the Deluxe Dolphin Lana’i Snorkel Trip

A deli style lunch (wraps, chips, cookies) is included as well as midmorning banana bread and fresh fruit.  High quality masks, fins, and snorkels are provided as is snorkeling instruction.  Flotation belts and life jackets are available upon request.

Starting on October 1, 2022only mineral sunscreens will be allowed in the County of Maui .  Aerosol sprays are not allowed on our rafts to protect the reef and to improve the overall passenger experience. To help protect Maui County reefs, choose only mineral sunscreens made with ‘non-nanotized’ zinc oxide or titanium dioxide—natural mineral ingredients. Since no sunscreen is completely waterproof or effective, the first line of defense in protecting your skin is seeking shade, and wearing protective clothing such as hats, long-sleeved shirts and sunglasses or rash guards and wetsuits in the water. What is non-mineral sunscreen and how does it harm the reef?

Non-mineral sunscreen is any sunscreen that uses an active ingredient other than zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (mineral UV filters). When we swim in the ocean or shower at home, these non-mineral sunscreens (containing petrochemical UV filters) can wash off, enter our rivers and ocean, and harm corals and other marine life. According to NOAA, damage includes but is not limited to:

  • Coral: Accumulation in tissues; bleaching; DNA damage; deformed and killed young
  • Fish: Decreased fertility and reproduction; female characteristics in males
  • Dolphins: Accumulation in tissues and transferred to young

Please take the time to view this video about coming to Hawaii and how to Travel Pono.

Captain’s Note

This is my favorite trip. The extra time not only allows more snorkeling, but also gives us the time to go find the dolphins!  During whale season, the entire day becomes a whale watch, as we see them in the channel and listen to them while we snorkel. We see Dolphins 90% of the time on this trip, including spotted dolphins, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and psuedorcas. Green sea turtles are also pretty much guaranteed. Cruising most of the island of Lana’i gives us many choices from which to choose a calm, secluded cove and to view the sea cliffs and caves. Lunch is very relaxing with a chance for everyone to feel part of our Ohana, and some think the ride home is the very best part of the day, as the trade winds have usually kicked up a bit and make for a thrilling ride.

These excursions are NOT recommended for pregnant women, people with bad backs, neck problems, bad knees, heart problems, elderly, fragile people, or children under the age of five years. This can be a physically demanding ride. Participants should be in above average physical shape. You need to be able to climb a sturdy vertical ladder to get back on the raft after snorkeling. You will board our rafts at the Mala Small Boat Ramp. When the tide is high, loading is as simple as stepping onto the pontoon off of the dock and is quite easy. Getting off, you need to be able to step up onto the pontoon yourself and then onto the dock with a little balance help from your friends. When the tide is low, it can be a very large step down onto the pontoon from the dock. For safety when it is a very large step down, you have to be able to sit down on your derriere on the dock, swing your legs over and step onto the raft.


We will adhere to the requirements that are in place at the time by DLNR, which governs all state commercial boating.  We will have hand sanitizer available at all times, and we will clean and sanitize our rafts between all trips.  While we have always sanitized our snorkel gear after each trip, we recommend that you bring your own snorkel gear if you would like. On our snorkel trips, we may be required to serve our food to you.